Bani, also known as BaniTheKitty and formerly as Alvinfan32105, is known for her animations of cats, usually about her OC and her friends, as well as animated memes.

She recently moved from her old dA account to Saber-Panda.

She no longer has the time to animate, unfortunately, but still continues to draw and upload on her new account.

Trivia Edit

  • Her real name is Erica.
  • She is good friends with fellow animator Kitten (kay2036).
  • She used to have two other dA accounts, namely Banitehcat and MapleSunrise.
  • She uses Paint Tool SAI and a Intuos Creative Pen and Touch Tablet to draw.[1]
  • She uses Hypercam 2 to record speedpaints.
  • She used to use MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker to animate.
  • She started drawing digitally around 2010.
  • She went to an art high school, and is currently going to School of Visual Arts in New York.

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