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PaintKittyPaws, or Paint, is an American digital artist and an online animator. She animates her and her friends as animals and they all, respectively, have characters. She has been animating since 2012, but she recently created a YouTube and joined DeviantArt in hopes of getting better and possibly meeting helpful people along the way. She does art/fan art of pretty much based on any video game (Pokemon, mostly), book, animal or nature themed thing she feels like drawing or shows support to, but animates pretty much only her characters and Paint. Paint's trademark qualities are the fact that she hates bran muffins and uses Windex as a weapon.

Paint's Origin:

Paint's design has gone through many, many changes. Her original name was Saturn and her deviantART name at the time was DarkSideCats (with no evil or dark theme intended). Her colors were wild and didn't go together, so her design was then simplified but kept the name Saturn. Still not happy with the design outcome, she soon took off everything except her main color, which was dark violet-purple, and started from there. She changed the name from Saturn to Paint, and this made since because her paw colors are cyan and looked as if the color was messily painted or splattered on.

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